SurecompĀ® is the market-leading provider of digital trade finance solutions for corporates and financial institutions. An industry pioneer for thirty-five years, we enable seamless, sustainable trade by breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration. Our award-winning portfolio of cloud and on-premises solutions streamlines the trade finance lifecycle for frictionless transaction processing, enhanced risk mitigation, compliance, decision support and growth. Underpinned by numerous global offices and an extensive partner network, our prestigious customer footprint spans over eighty countries across the world.

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Opening Trade Finance to Everyone

Surecomp take a closer look at how trade finance technology can enable all participants to trade more effectively, while supporting collaboration across the trade finance ecosystem.

The Power of Connecting Trade Finance to Everyone

In this blog, Surecomp take a closer look at how trade finance technology can connect all transaction participants, empowering more efficient trade while supporting collaboration across the trade finance ecosystem.

Empowering Trade Agreements: The Benefits of Automated Trade Finance

Watch this webinar playback to learn how empowering trade agreements with digital trade finance application can ease the burden of supply chain disruptions and drive growth.

Trade Finance
Unlocking Liquidity with Collaborative Trade Finance

The volatile global economic environment in the wake of Covid has particularly impacted the world of trade finance and supply chain management. Physical shipping delays and surging commodity prices have compounded existing issues treasurers face, such as a lack of transparency, and slow,…

A Quantum Leap Forward in Data-Driven ESG Scoring

A successful pilot managed by Surecomp has shown that ESG scoring can now be applied at the individual trade finance transaction level, opening up a world of possibilities for corporate treasurers to support sustainable global trade. The 2022 edition of the United Nations Climate Change…

Trade Finance
Collaborative Trade Finance: How to Unlock Liquidity at Speed

Imagine if trade finance applications were fully collaborative and corporates could communicate with every trade participant via an open digital hub.  In this podcast, Vincent Almering (Interfood Holding B.V.) and Enno-Burghard Weitzel…