Traxpay is a fast-growing Supply Chain Finance platform that operates globally from Europe with a multi-bank approach. Established financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank trust Traxpay’s financing solution as strategic partners. Traxpay offers a 360° working capital management in a simple, secure and sustainable way using all standard SCF tools.

The Critical SCF Trends Shaping Corporate Supply Chains

Following a deluge of shocks to global supply chains, treasurers are searching for ways to build greater resiliency into their supplier relationships.

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Working Capital Finance – The Future

Learn more about the future trends in working capital finance and how the supply chain finance tools dynamic discounting, reverse factoring and digital forfaiting enable companies to achieve 360° working capital management in Deutsche Bank’s whitepaper.

Report “Innovation in Supply Chain Finance”

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic as well as the megatrends sustainability and digitalization, almost all companies have to deal with the financing and structure of their working capital.

Supply Chain Finance: A Supplier Perspective

When a supplier hears from a buyer or bank that they should participate in an SCF program, the first question that comes to mind is: What are the benefits to me? How will this program affect my business and will I ultimately benefit?


Arqit and Traxpay to Deliver more Efficient, Secure Trade Finance

Arqit and Traxpay to deliver quantum-safe digital finance instruments, enabling supply chain actors to conduct business more efficiently and securely.

ITFA’s Trade and Forfaiting Conference

Join the industry’s leading Fintech community in trade financing, from 7-9 September in Porto, Portugal, and discover the most advanced innovations in trade finance.

Traxpay CEO Markus Rupprecht Passes the Baton

Traxpay is changing course on the senior management front to support further and future growth.

ZWILLING Cooperates with Traxpay

In order to align itself more agilely, ZWILLING now uses the Traxpay platform

Traxpay at Mastercard Commercial Day 2022: Next Level Payments

Supply Chain Finance platforms are leading the transformation of the Trade Finance industry by connecting corporates to banks and supporting a wide range of products. At Mastercard’s Commercial Day on June 21, Kate Pohl (Traxpay) will talk about how cards can play a key role in this value proposition.

Traxpay TV: Landgard Starts Digital Guarantees

Together with NORD/LB and Traxpay, Landgard has developed the “Digital Guarantees” tool, which now enables suppliers to individually insure their delivery period.

The Customer Journey on a Supply Chain Finance Platform

Landgard, NORD/LB and Traxpay are redefining trade credit insurance and promoting resilience and transparency through consistent digitalisation along the entire value chain.

Siemens Healthineers Wins Digital Treasury Excellence Award at 33rd Finanzsymposium

Traxpay presented the Digital Treasury Excellence Awards for the first time at this year’s Finance Symposium in Mannheim. First place this year went to Siemens Healthineers.

EBAday 2022 – Empowering Women in Payments

Female Empowerment continues to be a trend, and the payment industry in particular can no longer avoid the topic. Traxpay’s Kate Pohl will lead a roundtable title “Empowering women in payments” at this year’s EBAday.

Traxpay, NORD/LB and Landgard on Stage at the 33rd Finance Symposium

Traxpay invites you to visit its booth 33rd Finance Symposium, and to the workshop “From supplier to buyer: The customer journey on a supply chain finance platform”.

Smarter Faster Payments 2022 Conference in Nashville

This industry event is designed for a diversity of organizations that are interested in driving innovation, delivering value through new solutions and services.

Update #Factoring: Take Aways – Why You Need Sustainability in the Supply Chain

The green transformation process in banks and corporates. A look into the future: is everything going green?

The Payments Hub: Enterprise Fintech Explained

Kate Pohl (Traxpay) is this week’s guest on the “The payments Hub: Enterprise FinTech Explained” podcast by Jon Paquette. The current episode is about Supply Chain Finance (SCF).

Key Takeaways of the Digital Conference for Green Financing

Highlights of the event: Supply chain finance goes green! With Traxpay, ADVA, NORD/LB, and EcoVadis.

DZ Bank to use Digital Supply Chain Finance Platform Developed by Traxpay

Traxpay and DZ BANK AG have signed a cooperation agreement. DZ Bank will use the digital platform developed by Traxpay for Supply Chain Financing (SCF).

Digital Dump Podcast #37 With Marco Hinz

Marco Hinz (CrossLend) joins as this week’s guest, discussing digital debt technology.

Traxpay, Landgard and NORD/LB Expand Cooperation with Digital Guarantees

Traxpay and Landgard are launching the new jointly-developed program “Digital Guarantees” to secure against payment defaults. The guarantees are backed by NORD/LB.

Take Aways of EBA Open Forum on Digital Transformation

The EBA hosted the Forum for Digital Transformation Forum, this time with a focus on the various facets of sustainability and ESG in banking and finance.

Instant Payments Summit 2022

Traxpay invites you to the Instant Payments Summit 2022, happening on 22 April, where it’s all about the next instant payments milestones.

Digital Dump Podcast #36 with Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer (TechQuartier) joins as this week’s guest, discussing blockchain, AI and data.


EBA Open Forum on Digital Transformation

On 8 March, The Euro Banking Association (EBA) will be examining the various facets of sustainability and ESG.

Green Finance

This workshop, happening on 22 March, will assess implementation with a platform from the perspectives of finance and sustainability.

Update Factoring

This year’s edition of Update Factoring will take place digitally on 23 March and will focus on the hot topics of digitisation and sustainability and their impact on the factoring industry.

Factoring Kongress 2022

At the Factoring Kongress 2022, happening from 7-8 April, experts will be connected, industry know-how will be bundled and all participants will be given a relaxed setting to discuss current topics and solutions together.

Instant Payments Summit 2022

Traxpay invites you to the Instant Payments Summit 2022, happening on 22 April, where it’s all about the next instant payments milestones.

Smarter Faster Payments 2022

Smarter Faster Payments is Nacha’s annual conference, taking place from 1-4 May, and providing unparalleled payments education, a dynamic exhibit hall, and valuable networking opportunities.

Forum Firmenkundenbetreuer

On 5 May in Frankfurt, the results of the FINANCE Think Tank’s “Survey Firmenkundenbetreuer” will be presented and current market developments discussed.

Finanzsymposium 2022

Between 18-20 May in Mannheim, you will again have the opportunity to exchange ideas with banks, FinTechs, financial software providers and your treasury colleagues in person!

ITFA 48th Annual Conference

The ITFA Board is delighted to announce that next year’s 48th ITFA Annual Conference will be held in Porto, between 7-9 September 2022.


Digital Forfaiting: Release Blocked Liquidity

With Traxpay, you can take advantage of Digital Forfaiting efficiently, quickly and securely. Let’s talk about how your company too can benefit from Digital Forfaiting!

Digital Guarantees: Your Customised and Innovative Payment Protection

With Digital Guarantees, Traxpay provides the opportunity to offer suppliers a customised, secure and cost-effective alternative.

Dynamic Discounting: Pay Earlier to Save Money

Dynamic Discounting is a clever, flexible discount, Traxpay makes it easy to implement and does not require any adjustments to your existing business processes.

Reverse Factoring: Strengthen Your Supply Chain and Your Working Capital

With the Traxpay platform, you can quickly and efficiently take advantage of the benefits of Reverse Factoring while working with a financing partner or the bank of your choice.