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It is with great pleasure that I introduce the 2022 issue of The South African Treasurer, which focuses on the ‘Next Generation Treasury’. The modern treasurer lives in a connected world, having to deal with real-time market information and often having to make immediate decisions.

The new generation of treasury is a strategic adviser, closely integrated with the organisation’s other business units. Technology has been an enabler, supporting the new environment in which treasuries now operate.

This magazine, published in association with Treasury Management International, forms one of a wide and varied spectrum of events organised by ACTSA on issues pertinent to treasurers, with a primary aim to educate, inform and grow our profession and its profile within our companies.

I would like to thank all our contributors most sincerely. Thank you also to the board members who voluntarily offer their time to spearhead the Association and to the ACTSA team for their continued contribution in making our organisation both active and relevant.

We hope you enjoy this year’s edition.

Jolandi Marais, ACTSA Chair

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Application Programming Interfaces’Treasury Reboot

APIs provide a cost- effective, frictionless experience that delivers real-time connectivity between bank and business. What’s driving demand for the technology, and how could it transform the global treasury landscape?


API Technology in Corporate Banking

TreasuryONE combines multi-bank connectivity and ERP integration to help forward-thinking treasury leaders make the shift to real- time, accurate and effortless communication with banks using best-in-class treasury technology solutions.


ESG Financing for Corporates

Interest in ESG financing, including green bonds and sustainability-linked financing facilities, is growing significantly. The green bond market is estimated to be around $1trn1 with growth fuelled not just by business need but also by political will for a ‘green recovery’.


A Toolkit for the Next Generation Treasurer

South African corporate treasurers are a resilient lot. Going back a few decades, they’ve endured events such as the Russian debt crisis of the late 1990s, the rand selloff of 2001, the global financial crisis of 2008, the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, and a number of other volatile episodes in between..


The Urgent Call to Bank the Underbanked

The banking and finance sector needs to urgently address unbanked and underbanked business owners in order to jump-start the South African economy.


A New Market for a New Dawn

The voluntary carbon market (VCM) is developing around the world with its impact starting to be felt in South Africa. The voluntary carbon market is a decentralised market where the private sector voluntarily buy and sell carbon credits that represent certified removals or reductions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from the atmosphere.


Early-Stage Investing – A Driver to Solve South Africa’s Employment Crisis

Early-stage investment has long offered excellent growth potential to investors who are prepared to manage the higher risks associated with companies in the early stages of their journey.


The Importance of Moving Treasury Operations from Servers to the Cloud

These days, most companies have become comfortable with their data and processes being stored at their premises in a small, air-conditioned but windowless room full of humming and blinking servers. The servers are not concrete in the way that the filing cabinets once were, but have nevertheless become a tangible representation of the data and processes stored there.


Cleansing Flames or Destructive Fire?

Some change might be glacial – every-day we wake up, we are slightly different from the day before; this is mostly an afterthought, until one day you notice ‘these changes’. Then,
there are the epic, ground-moving, earth-shattering changes to our lifestyle or general well-being.


Dealing with Interest Rate Risk

A significant pain point for many corporates is rapidly rising interest rates, raising the question of whether they should be fixing rates at these levels or whether the opportunity has passed given how muh rate hike risk is priced into the market.