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Corporate Treasury Trends in Short-Term Investments

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As the role of the corporate treasurer continues to become more strategic, so too does their approach to short-term investing. Now more than ever, treasurers must keep careful watch over everything from interest rates and inflation to portfolio diversification, investment duration, and regulatory changes.

What’s more, sustainable investing is rising up the corporate agenda, driven in no small part by stakeholder demand and the need to align with wider sustainability goals of the organisation. Treasurers are at the forefront of this sustainable and equitable shift, tasked with striking the right balance between liquidity and responsibility.

At the same time, evolving portal technology, together with the growing use of tools such as application programming interfaces (APIs), is making more investment types, and more investment data, available to treasurers at the touch of a button.

Throughout the six sections of this report, brought to you by TMI in partnership with Northern Trust Asset Management (NTAM), we will cast a critical eye over how these investment trends are impacting the decision-making of corporate treasury teams today and tomorrow.

With insight from four NTAM experts, we will also shed light on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for treasurers as they navigate this dynamic and volatile environment. This survey report, therefore, serves as a compass, guiding treasury teams through the maze and into the light. We hope you enjoy the journey ahead!

Eleanor Hill, Editor, TMI

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Investment Headwinds

Rising interest rates are currently the major investment challenge


Getting Diversification Right

A lack of diversification poses significant short-term investment risks


Embracing ESG and DEI

Sustainability is becoming a significant investment driver


Harnessing Investment Technology

Technology can be an investment enabler but is a hindrance for many


Overcoming Regulatory Hurdles

Regulation remains divisive, but steps are being taken in the right direction


Capacity Constraints in Treasury

Treasurers are overstretched, curtailing their short-term investment success