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Innovation means something far more than the invention of something new – it also embraces the combination of existing ideas or practices in original ways, as well as applying them to tap into new markets. The ultimate goals of innovation are to effect discernible change or to add value, whether by increasing efficiency, creating better products or improving the experience of end users.

Meanwhile, innovation in the treasury function can help finance professionals to adapt to a changing environment so that they can continue to carry out their core responsibility – managing and maintaining the company’s cash. In fact, innovation gives treasurers a competitive edge, improved levels of cash management, risk management and operational efficiency, as well as adding value by freeing up time for the team to become more strategic, to the benefit of the wider business.

We explore all of these topics and more throughout this guide, investigating the opportunities and challenges facing corporate treasurers as a result. We also outline how BNP Paribas is innovating in conjunction with corporate clients – such as Roche, C. H. Robinson, Fortum, and RTB House – to help them leverage the power of digital disruption and business transformation.

We hope that you enjoy reading this guide and learning about BNP Paribas’ current achievements and future goals in the field of innovation.

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