360T and ICD Drive Treasury Efficiency Through Deep Integration


San Francisco/London – ICD and 360T have deepened the integration of their respective trading applications, allowing mutual clients to seamlessly leverage both platforms and unlock over 300 money market funds (MMFs), time deposits from nearly 300 banks, short-duration bond funds, FX and more. Through the enhanced end-to end workflow, practitioners can utilise a simple and highly-automated experience, designed to offer greater insight into their investments, cash positions, consolidated reporting and exposure analytics at no additional cost.

“Like all 360T system innovations, it follows the logic to build a fully integrated solution for the FX market. The deep integration with ICD was designed in partnership with clients in an effort to save time, improve security and to offer better visibility through consolidated reporting,” says Florian Seifferer, COO Americas at 360T.

In addition to broader access to short-term investment and FX products, clients receive exceptional service from both 360T and ICD, ensuring they maximise the benefits of the integrated offering.

“ICD’s mission is to provide a superior product to the corporate treasury marketplace. With the enhanced integration through our single-sign-on and data flow into our award-winning Transparency Plus, clients now have a complete picture of their entire investment portfolio and underlying exposures,” says Tory Hazard, CEO ICD.

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