360T, Deutsche Borse Group’s FX unit, has announced the expansion of the 360T Algo suite


In a response to growing Corporate interest in the Algo space, 360T has further expanded the Liquidity Providers accessible through 360T TEX. Carlo Kölzer, 360T CEO explained “The need to enhance our integrated solutions with the continued innovation of our Bank partners has never been more important for our clients, we are excited about this investment – now with over 60 Algo strategies, this will ensure our customers have access to market leading solutions in their execution decisions, as part of their 360T solution.”

John Juer, Head of eProducts at Commerzbank said “FX Algos allow firms to execute their FX trades whilst controlling for market impact and information leakage, providing opportunities for spread capture and ensuring full audit and traceability; the integrated solution offered by 360T allows the client to choose to use our proprietary algorithms as part of their everyday workflow.”

Katja McDonald, Global Head of eSales at Crédit Agricole CIB said “as the FX Client electronic trading market becomes increasingly focused on Algo execution, Credit Agricole CIB have worked extensively to ensure comprehensive distribution to allow key clients to optimize their execution strategies. 360T have been highly effective partners with whom we have successfully delivered new FX Algo functionality as a complement to our top tier market share position on 360T. Credit Agricole CIB has invested significant sales and technology resources to enhance our digital distribution strategy and more effectively serve our customers.”

The 360T Algo suite is integrated into clients’ existing workflow, via 360T TEX and the 360T EMS which offers advanced workflow solutions, liquidity and compliance tools to the institutional and Corporate market.

Amish Naik, Head of Global Algo Client Strategy at BNP Paribas, followed with “360T’s network complements the global client strategy of our Global Markets business. Leveraging their presence will be a key part of our ambition to expand the award winning Cortex Algo iX brand. A core pillar of the digital strategy of BNP Paribas is to maintain standing as the market leader for delivering innovative, world class algorithmic execution solutions to our clients.”


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