BELLIN announces Strategic Partnership with DIVA Corporation


BELLIN, Germany-based provider of treasury management systems and services has announced a strategic partnership with the renowned Japanese provider of consolidated accounting systems, DIVA Corporation. DIVA will launch BELLIN’s “Treasury as a Service” (TaaS®) as the first of its kind in Japan; it will also market and implement BELLIN’s web-based treasury management system (TMS) tm5. With subsidiaries in Canada and England as well as partners in the Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, and now Japan, BELLIN’s treasury operations truly span the globe.

Faced with increasingly volatile and international markets, companies need to have a real-time overview of their finances and be fully connected to their worldwide subsidiaries at all times. Cash and risk management as well as groupwide visibility are crucial. At present, no existing system on the Japanese market meets all these requirements and treasury experts are relatively rare. Especially in light of an increasing number of incidents of improper accounting and financial malfeasance in Japanese companies, this absence weighs heavily. Both TaaS and tm5 are highly complementary to DIVA’s existing software and services, and the cooperation with BELLIN will fill this gap and meet an acute need.

TaaS handles treasury operations for corporates. The goal is to support heavily-burdened corporate treasuries by not only providing and running appropriate systems, but also by supporting them with know-how and additional capacity. This includes hosting, managing and operating their entire treasury process, or assuming tasks in their daily treasury operations, such as netting run execution; account statement verification; automation control and error resolution; monitoring of delivery for liquidity planning and cash management operation. The specific tasks for TaaS are flexible and can be customized according to a company’s needs.

The fully integrated, web-based software tm5 offers solutions for all corporate treasury requirements: be it in-house banking, global payments, cash management, netting, risk and receivables management or trade finance. Moreover, tm5 meets all compliance and reporting requirements at the touch of a button, mobile and in real time. This ties in perfectly with DIVA’s accounting software and services, providing Japanese companies with a more comprehensive financial footing, boosting their international profile and their domestic standing.

“We are extremely pleased. With DIVA we have found a partner with such a great reputation in Japan and they have put their trust in us in order to best serve our customers together.” shared Martin Bellin.

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