BELLIN branches out into global transaction banking services with launch of new BELLIN GTB Hub app


Ettenheim, Germany – BELLIN, a global leader in providing web-based treasury software and services for multinational corporations, banks and the financial sector, has announced the launch of their new mobile Global Transaction Banking (GTB) Services app, BELLIN GTB Hub.

With well over 400 corporate clients worldwide using BELLIN’s treasury management system tm5 and benefitting from the various corresponding services, BELLIN is now taking the pioneering step to launch a GTB Services offering, the first of its kind in the industry. As part of a comprehensive GTB portfolio, the brand new mobile GTB Hub app is designed to offer an easy-to-access, bank- and system-agnostic solution that empowers the international treasury community to master the challenges of global transaction banking. It is available to corporates of all sizes, including both customers of tm5 and noncustomers alike, and can also be used by banks and suppliers.

In cooperation with SWIFT, the GTB Hub app provides access to a worldwide bank directory and makes managing bank master data and contact details as easy as it is secure. Moreover, GTB Hub offers a unique bank rating feature and the ability to receive direct notifications informing users about relevant new products, a change of contact person or even automatic alerts on changed master data. This is complemented by a supplier account verification feature that represents an effective response to the threat posed by forged invoices. A revolutionary, SWIFT gpi-based payment tracking feature is to follow.

“Apple put 1,000 songs in your pocket. We are about to put 1,000,000 banks in people’s pocket,” pledges Sebastian Niemeyer, Head of GTB Services at BELLIN. “As a treasury management system provider, we will of course continue to offer state-of-the-art treasury technology solutions and consulting. But our experience and feedback from the industry have made it apparent that there is a genuine need for a bank-independent GTB solution that tackles the many challenges involved in global transaction banking from a completely new angle. With the GTB Hub app, we bridge this gap. We’re very excited to embark on another ‘BELLIN First.’” The app is now available for download free of charge, and more BELLIN GTB Services are to follow in the coming months.

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