BELLIN celebrates double-digit growth rate and record acquisition month


BELLIN has reached a milestone in its 20-year history, with the company looking back on another year of double-digit growth and a new customer acquisition record.

In the year of its 20th anniversary, the global technology leader for corporate treasury and corporate banking solutions was able to maintain its continuous double-digit year-over-year growth rate. In addition, BELLIN reports a record acquisition month, with a 60% higher rate compared to the previous year. These developments are matched by a 15% staff increase across the BELLIN Group’s offices in Germany, Canada and England, enabling BELLIN to continue its successful approach of combining technology and consulting and implementation expertise in-house.

Nearly 500 clients have allowed BELLIN to build up the experience, know-how and resources that can now be leveraged most efficiently for the benefit of existing and future clients. The continuous and robust growth has enabled the group to invest in the technology of the future to stay ahead of the curve. While BELLIN was able to consolidate its position in its core markets, it has also been steadily expanding globally, its comprehensive technology speaking to clients worldwide. Founder and CEO Martin Bellin sees the source of BELLIN’s success in its comprehensive yet flexible portfolio: “In addition to the overall success of our technology portfolio, specific areas stood out as particular success factors. This includes our integrated payments solution through which in excess of 1 trillion EUR worth of payments have been processed, making BELLIN the leading company for global corporate payments.”


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