BELLIN Supports Nonprofit Organisations


Efficient treasury solutions are essential for all organizations – even if they are charities or NGOs. Therefore, BELLIN has decided in December 2013 to support charitable and social institutions pursuing humanitarian or social objectives with free licenses for the tm5 software.

The application enables nonprofit organizations to manage their assets and payments as simply and efficiently as possible. It helps them receive an overview of their current liquidity and a transparent overview of all cash flows in the organization. Reports, which are frequently required as proof by supporting organizations and sponsors, can be generated in the system with a click of the mouse.

“Non-governmental organizations face the same complex treasury challenges as other companies. However, they often lack the funds for a web-based treasury solution,” says Martin Bellin, founder and Managing Director of BELLIN. “I also wish to help nonprofit organizations fighting poverty or promoting child and youth welfare, for example, to invest their funds directly into these projects. Therefore, we provide our software to such institutions for free.”

To be eligible for BELLIN support, organizations need to be recognized as nonprofit organizations pursuing objectives such as improving child and youth welfare, providing relief to the poor, advancing education, environmental and nature preservation or other charitable causes. Sponsorship is available not only for German institutions but also for NGOs recognized as charitable organizations in their respective countries. “We take time to carefully consider each particular case and to find out how we can best support eligible organizations. We love treasury – and we love to help,” explains Martin Bellin.

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