Bellin TMS First to Receive New SWIFT gpi for Corporates Label


Bellin has become the first vendor to receive the Compatible Application SWIFT gpi for Corporates label. The new label, awarded to Bellin in August 2020, is recognition from SWIFT that Bellin’s tm5 treasury management system meets all technical and functional requirements related to the integration of SWIFT’s gpi for Corporates technology and provides market transparency for customers.

The need for a certification that identifies which companies are safest for initiating gpi payments directly in their treasury management system is critical for building trust. As a result, Bellin and SWIFT ran a pilot project to develop this new label and collaborated to determine the system integration requirements and conduct the certification.

The goal of the certification is to provide a reliable list of companies that meet these rigid criteria, so companies can have full transparency and fast processing when tracking funds.

“The label quickly shows customers what functionality is available in the Bellin system and what technology we support,” Karsten Kiefer, Bellin’s Product Manager, Solution Management, told TMI. “They can also see at a glance that we not only meet SWIFT requirements but that our customers are actively using this technology – we’re not just talking about it.”

All of this adds great value in terms of payments capabilities and efficiency, he states. “We’re going to continue to work closely with SWIFT in connection with the label but also other projects, for example streamlining the implementation process for L2BA providers.”

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