BELLIN’s tm5 update extends solutions for EMIR, bank communication and receivables management


BELLIN has made updates to its treasury management system according to current market demands. The second major update of the web-based software, tm5, is in response to external issues, like the challenges in the wake of EMIR. In addition, BELLIN also extended bank communication options with the update. “Currently, external issues are keeping the global treasury in suspense. With the further development of our offering, we are concentrating on future trends, and developing customer solutions today, before they are required tomorrow,” explains Martin Bellin, CEO and founder of BELLIN.

EMIR compliance: UTI automatic retrieval when matching

With EMIR, the Unique Trade Identifier (UTI), which must be specified in the notification to the trade repository, is now even more important. The UTI can now be retrieved by both the BELLIN matching service as well as the matching via Misys and automatically imported into tm5. At the same, BELLIN has updated the EMIR Service further, in particular according to the new guidelines by ESMA for the reporting of derivatives to a trade repository.

Further developments in the BELLIN SWIFT Service

The update also extends the BELLIN SWIFT Service communication possibilities. For over one year, many companies are already making payments via the direct connection to SWIFT. The service now also electronically communicates trade finance data as a standard. New possibilities, such as the implementation of electronic bank account management (eBAM), are planned as future projects.

Proactive receivables management

With the tm5 update, BELLIN has also expanded the functions in debt management. Receivables management accounts for a significant part of working capital management and is also highly relevant from a risk point of view. With the module TPCREDIT, BELLIN offers an efficient tool for proactive debt management. “The new features in this module report targeted deterioration in the current customer landscape. So dunning level, DSO and credit rating index appear now in a warning list. This simplifies receivables management considerably,” explains Martin Bellin.

New design options for liquidity planning and informative reporting

With new data display and evaluation features in tm5, reports have become even more informative and more accurate to analyze. Thus the treasurer can get a more meaningful financial status in both the liquidity planning and in the reporting.

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