BNP Paribas Cash Management presents new eBAM solutions at EuroFinance Copenhagen


As an official sponsor at Eurofinance Copenhagen for the first time, BNP Paribas Cash Management introduces its new eBAM offering. Innovation is key for these 2 solutions: the eBAM File Transfer solution based on ISO 20022 XML messages and the stand-alone Saas Connexis eBAM solution. They both illustrate BNP Paribas’ commitment to providing added-value eBAM responses to corporates aiming to centralise and streamline the management of their accounts.

Bank Account Management is a key preoccupation for corporates. Opening, closing and managing mandates throughout their whole lifecycle are both time consuming and costly as well as a primary source of risk. As their businesses expand internationally, corporates have a larger amount of bank accounts, which increases the BAM-related challenges.

BNP Paribas understands that mandate management is a priority for its clients and is totally committed to accompany them, supporting corporates on their quest for harmonisation and standardisation. 

Now BNP Paribas Cash Management has developed a key solution for corporate which consists in providing eBAM File Transfer, a solution based on ISO 20022 XML messages. By supporting both versions 1 and 2 of the XML eBAM ISO 20022, eBAM File Transfer solution is ready to be tested with corporates using SwiftNet File Act and their eBAM compliant software. At its current stage of development, the solution focuses on easing the mandate management messages and scenarios.

BNP Paribas’ clients have also the possibility to access to a web-based Bank Account Managementsolution – Connexis eBAM. Connexis eBAM eases the management of BNP Paribas bank account mandates. In its current development phase, Connexis eBAM covers paper mandates. It offers the possibility to request and download data, and also makes the management of account mandate easier. This enables treasurers to monitor and track down all changes with a global view.

This is another step in BNP Paribas’ work in eBam solutions with its longstanding support of XML and contribution to the CGI (Common Global Implementation) initiative. In addition to participating in working groups, BNP Paribas aims to raise awareness for the ISO 20022 standards.

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