BNP Paribas to Launch Virtual Account Management Platform


Paris – BNP Paribas is scheduled to launch its Virtual Account Management platform with pilot corporates in July 2020

While the bank already has a Virtual Account solution that is live in the form of IBAN references to support smart funds allocation and funds segregation, it is going a step further by offering a dedicated module to fully unleash the benefits of Virtual Solutions, thereby supporting outgoing flows.

BNP Paribas believes that its Virtual Account Management platform can bring immense value to corporates by helping them smoothly integrate virtual accounts within their payment factory and in-house bank module. This will help boost their level of centralisation by managing the transactions of their affiliates centrally, with easy and smooth identification of the flows.

Since the need for centralisation is the cornerstone of transformation projects, the BNP Paribas Virtual Accounts Management platform will enable its technical implementation directly within the corporates’ existing – sometimes complex – technical architecture. This is a key advantage of this platform as it would obviate the necessity for heavy system changes that often require external implementation support.

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