BNY Mellon and GTreasury Collaborate on Cash Management and Investment Workflow


New York: BNY Mellon has a new venture that will enable clients to access the cash management and payment capabilities of treasury management services provider GTreasury.

With the transparency provided by GTreasury’s treasury and risk management platform, clients will be able to better identify where their balances are located across bank accounts, regions and time zones. They can then seamlessly invest that cash into short-term or overnight investments like money market funds through BNY Mellon’s LiquidityDirect platform, without leaving the GTreasury environment.

Treasurers already familiar with the GTreasury ecosystem will not be required to make any changes to their existing infrastructure to take advantage of this new functionality, and the new investment capabilities will be provided to eligible clients at no additional cost.

“Utilising the GTreasury platform, clients can configure their cash management workflows to automatically determine their available balances and then, through this new integration with BNY Mellon’s LiquidityDirect service, have the choice to make investment decisions in either a manual or automated manner,” George Maganas, Head of Liquidity Services at BNY Mellon told TMI.

He added that treasurers will have access to a wide range of US onshore and offshore funds provided via LiquidityDirect, including options for Government, Treasury and Prime funds. The total AUM of the funds provided via LiquidityDirect are currently in excess of $3.5tn as of September 2020.

The combined solution is seen by the partners as a step towards converting the corporate treasury function from its traditional cost-centre status into a revenue generator. “Treasury departments are typically tasked with various functions, from cash management to payments, that need to be performed routinely with a keen focus on controls and risk management. Deploying assets effectively and selecting investments with short term and strategic liquidity needs in mind have also become core and essential treasury functions,” says Maganas.

As treasury management workstations have evolved, so have the major investment portals like LiquidityDirect added capabilities such as research, trading, analytics and reporting, to help drive and manage the investments process.

Whilst operational cash management processes are performed in parallel with investments processes, harmonising the workflows across these functions has become what he calls an “operational and strategic imperative for clients, especially in today’s evolving new normal and with dynamically changing markets”.

This integration with GTreasury serves as a first step in providing this harmonisation across these workflows and supporting the evolution of the treasury function to include a focus on performance improvements, in addition to controls and risk management, explains Maganas. “As the product set evolves, we will continue to explore and deploy capabilities that enhance the investment opportunities through this connection.”


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