Brandywine Selects SunGard’s Apex Collateral to Support Margin Workflow and Regulatory Reporting


Brandywine Global, an investment manager affiliated with Legg Mason, one of the world’s largest asset management companies, has selected SunGard’s Apex Collateral solution to help support its growing collateral management business. Core to the firm’s requirements is the ability to comply with increased regulatory demands and improve the client experience by reducing counterparty credit risk.

Brandywine Global previously relied on manual workflows but turned to SunGard to help automate its collateral management process and maximize operational efficiencies while mitigating risk. Apex Collateral helps to support the firms growing business and comply with pending regulations such as the BCBS/IOSCO rules around bilateral traded derivatives as well as requirements for the clearing of FX forwards. The solution also helps Brandywine Global’s clients and investors’ confidence that the firm is managing its exposure and monitoring counterparty risk through the exchange of collateral.

Apex Collateral is optimized to suit fund managers, such as Brandywine Global, through a suite of tools tailored specifically to support buy-side collateral management. Umbrella agreement structures, consolidated broker level calls and direct connection with SWIFT are examples of the benefits to Brandywine Global from the deployment of Apex Collateral.

“Brandywine Global is committed to implementing state-of-the-art technologies that help us increase service levels to give our clients the same capabilities as the largest firms on Wall Street. SunGard has a proven track record of success in building technology solutions for asset managers and a clear commitment to developing a long-term collateral management practice. Apex Collateral can help us continue to improve our client service, build and support new businesses and enhance our regulatory reporting capabilities.” – Mark Solomon, vice president of complex instrument operations, Brandywine Global

“Brandywine Global and other asset managers rely on Apex Collateral to help them expand their businesses by handling the increasing volume of portfolios as regulatory requirements continue to grow in complexity. In addition, SunGard’s expertise helps Brandywine Global maximize its use of technology to keep with the demands of their increasingly sophisticated clients while helping control their total cost of ownership.” – Ted Allen, head of collateral product management, SunGard

SunGard’s Apex Collateral solution helps enable collateral managers to efficiently oversee their workflow while optimizing the use of collateral inventory on an enterprise-wide basis. Apex Collateral offers a single platform, supporting the operational requirements for underlying derivatives transactions, to-be-announced (TBA) bonds, securities lending and repo. It offers a consolidated view of global inventory and uses proprietary algorithms to allocate collateral in an optimal way, helping firms minimize costs and maximize return on inventory.

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