Cash management survey shows that only a third of the companies are fully prepared for future challenges


Hamburg – Hanse Orga Group, the one-stop shop for financial solutions and consultancy, conducted a survey on cash management amongst the participants of the Structured Finance, the exclusive conference for decision-makers in corporate finance that took place in Stuttgart on November 25-26.

Cash management is a central task in the majority of companies asked in our survey. Half of the companies said they have a good overview over their company-wide cash flows, but see room for improvement. Mostly, they wish for a better integration of accounting data into their reporting and analytic tools for their cash management/treasury. In their cash management, companies focus largely on cash pooling and cash flow-based liquidity planning, which are also the areas where they see the greatest potential for improvements.

Companies are faced with a diversity of challenges including mainly new regulations, technological development and volatile exchange rates, neither of which are particularly easy to master with Excel which is still used by many companies. Consequently, only a third of the respondents feel fully prepared for the future challenges.

“Cash management is an important task for every company. This is why we have developed solutions that support companies with powerful functions, harmonized processes and intelligent reporting. These help companies, among others, to integrate accounting data into their cash management and consolidate their company-wide data. Financial professionals thus gain a central overview over cash flows and can make better informed management decisions” says Sven Lindemann, CEO of Hanse Orga Group.

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