Citi launches innovative solutions package to enhance clients’ working capital


London, New York, Singapore – Citi, through its Treasury and Trade Solutions unit, today announced the launch of Citi Integrated Payables Solutions, a holistic suite of analytics, advisory and payment services that will assist organisations in optimising working capital and maximising efficiency across their complete supply chain. 

The offering, the first of its kind to be offered across so many geographies, brings clients a holistic solution package that encompasses both essential and innovative payment services such as core payments, supply chain finance and commercial cards. Other benefits include proprietary analytics, advisory services, best in class client-to-bank connectivity channels and universal supplier on-boarding mechanisms, all of which are intended to will help to address an organisation’s continuum of suppliers.

Through using the service, clients are expected to be able to influence working capital, reduce total costs, minimize supply chain risk, and support their suppliers.

Naveed Sultan, Global Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi commented:

“The launch of Integrated Payables Solutions will benefit our clients greatly, allowing them to identify new opportunities to create value within their business system. Citi is among the industry leaders in designing adjacent and disruptive solutions that not only create significant value for our clients but continue to scale globally to transition banking to a digital world.”

The new product suite is supported by Citi Working Capital Analytics, a program that uses proprietary algorithms and rules to analyse a client’s financial supply chain and produce comprehensive multi-product recommendations on available opportunities. Findings can then be presented using Citi Interactive Solutions, an award-winning sales tool, which allows clients to explore recommendations and perform scenario modelling in real-time.

Already, Citi’s analytics teams, product experts and supplier-enrolment consultants that underpin Citi Integrated Payables Solutions have helped hundreds of Citi clients operating in over 70 countries to extract process efficiencies and working capital improvements.

Michael Guralnick, Global Sales Head of Corporate & Public Sector, Treasury and Trade Solutions at Citi, says: 

“Our clients are increasingly looking to us to provide more value-add products through analytical and decision-support tools specific to their industry, to assist them to holistically analyse their supply chain and payments landscape. The innovative display through Interactive Solutions enables our clients to dynamically interact with our analytics to assess their own payables data and perform scenario modelling relying on the latest technology.”

Citi Integrated Payables Solutions, which builds on earlier solution sets available previously solely to clients based in EMEA and in North America, will be rolled-out globally throughout the remainder of the year.

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