Coastal Ridge Real Estate Selects TreasuryXpress’ for Comprehensive Cash and Transaction Visibility


New York – TreasuryXpress today announced that leading full-service real estate investment firm, Coastal Ridge Real Estate,has selected TreasuryXpress to help achieve greater visibility and control over their cash and payment management processes.

For Coastal Ridge, the ability to achieve a single point of visibility over their cash positions and transactions is key. With an aggressive acquisition pipeline that’s already seen two deals take place in 2020, it is vital that the firm automate their accounting and treasury operations in order to scale with their financial expansion and new asset acquisitions.

“With our rapid growth and expansion, we need technology that can keep pace,” says Paul Colgan, Vice President of Accounting and Finance at Coastal Ridge. “Implementing the TreasuryXpress technology will allow us to view, access, and manage our cash positions in a single repository.”

Coastal Ridge also plans on using the software to manage end-to-end payments; thereby eliminating their current manual, time-consuming workflow. Additionally, the company has a complex technology infrastructure consisting of multiple ERP and property management solutions in order to support their over $2BN assets under management. With the vision of achieving straight-through financial data cooperation and communication, the firm needed a solution that is flexible enough to intelligently integrate the disparate solutions with the least amount of effort.

“We envision an open treasury ecosystem for the market. Our on-demand treasury solution is built to be highly cooperative with external platforms. Our mission is to design the most sophisticated functionality and deliver it in the simplest and cost-effective way to our clients,” says Anis Rahal, CEO and Founder at TreasuryXpress. “We are always excited to work with smart and creative companies such as Coastal Ridge. As a leader in their industry, we are pleased that they have selected TreasuryXpress to help them assert greater control and efficiency across their treasury operations”

TreasuryXpress provides companies of any size access to enterprise-level cash visibility, liquidity management, bank connectivity, payments workflow, debt and investment management, and data visualisation and reporting capabilities.

Powered by sustainable, digital technology, TreasuryXpress is the leader in on-demand treasury management software. The on-demand TMS model is characterised by a frequent and controlled Agile development methodology, rapid logon access for clients, short implementation times, and digital integrations and bank connectivity.

Colgan concludes, “We selected TreasuryXpress to not only improve the efficiency and productivity of our team, but also because of the cost control benefits and TreasuryXpress’ commitment to innovating their product based on real client requirements. We are very excited to be working with them.”

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