Creditron Achieves Record Growth in 2014


Rockville, MD – Creditron, a leading provider of integrated receivables and payments processing solutions, announced today that it added 30 new clients in 2014 to its existing base of over 400 customers in the U.S. and Canada. “Last year marked the 20th anniversary for Creditron, and it was great to also make it a record year for growth” said Creditron Founder and CEO Wally Vogel.

The company attributes its tremendous success last year to the compelling value proposition of its innovative integrated receivables platform, called Enterprise Cloud Processing or ECP. Creditron is experiencing strong growth among financial institutions, insurance companies and other organizations.  The demand for an integrated receivables solution that can capture anywhere, key anywhere, and deposit anywhere, with a real-time dashboard to monitor and prioritize workflow  is being driven by payment channels that are accelerating and increasing in number.

ECP is unique in the industry as it is a web-based payment processing platform that offers real-time visibility and control while streamlining work flow. Whether payments are received through the mail, electronically, scanned at a remote office, or captured on a mobile device, ECP will facilitate the processing, recognition, validation and workflow of the payments right through to posting and electronic deposit. Relevant metrics, including consolidated views, workflow management, and detailed reporting are available to key stakeholders on demand.

“Of course, sales growth is only one measure of success, and it is merely a result of our team’s dedication to innovative solutions, strong customer relationships, and enthusiastic customer support,” said Creditron Founder and CEO Wally Vogel.

“Creditron maintains an extremely high level of satisfaction based on its daily customer feedback metrics, far surpassing the merely ‘satisfactory’ and achieving ‘excellent’ ratings with nearly every customer interaction . We want to continue to exceed customer expectations and build on our long term relationships with clients.”

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