Deloitte 2022 Global Corporate Treasury Survey Released


Deloitte has released its biennial 2022 global corporate treasury survey. The report reveals that organisations are quickly taking actions to address liquidity management, financial risk, business continuity, and operating model priorities.

In preparing this year’s survey, the Deloitte team considered the following:

  • What challenges and mandates are treasurers facing?
  • What learnings did organisations have from the pandemic and how are treasury organisations evolving as a result (business continuity, focus, talent, and size)?
  • How are technologies adopted and used by the treasury teams?
  • To what extent are treasurers utilising technologies that complement treasury management systems?
  • What regulations and trends are top of mind for treasurers

Key insights from the 2022 global corporate treasury survey:

  • With 54% upvotes, enhancing liquidity risk management is considered as the most critical mandate given to treasury departments by the board or the CFO
  • Mandates such as leading, governing and driving working capital improvement, and enhancing governance and control over domestic and overseas operation, have moved up by two and five positions respectively, compared to 2019 survey results
  • While turning treasury into a profit centre had gain some momentum in prior surveys, it is still considered an exception as it tends to be limited to companies in certain industries (e.g., financial services and commodities trading businesses).
  • Respondents considering financing growth via capital markets as ‘Not Important’ mandate increased significantly between 2019 (7%) and 2022 (32%), showing a preference in organisation to rely on their bank facilities or to the equity market.
  • 20% of respondents have indicated that they are planning to implement new technologies, taking more a wait and see approach until some new technologies reach maturity.

The full report can be downloaded here

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