Deutsche Bank launches new liquidity management solution in South Korea


Deutsche Bank today announced the launch of a new intra-day cross-border cash sweeping service in South Korea, enabling its corporate clients to move Euro and US Dollar surplus balances and to maximise their liquidity.

The foreign currency cross-border cash sweeping service is implemented through Bank of Korea’s Consolidated Management of Funds (CMF) structure. The CMF allows transfers up to USD30 million to Singapore, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, London, and New York on an intraday basis with a ‘sweep with the sun’ approach. The process will provide same day funds availability, while alleviating traditional float associated with moving end-of-day balances.

Deutsche Bank is one of the few banks to offer this service in South Korea. Real-time information and transparency into cash positions will allow the Bank’s clients to make better use of their liquidity by investing strategically across a wider set of investment options to realise capital earnings around the globe.

Kaushik Shaparia, Managing Director, Head of Trade Finance & Cash Management Corporates – Asia Pacific, Global Transaction Banking at Deutsche Bank, said: “Marking our commitment to the APAC region, we are pleased to launch this new foreign currency cross-border cash sweeping service in South Korea. This service, combined with our FX4Cash platform, will add tremendous value to our corporate clients.”

Lisa Rossi, Managing Director, Global Head of Liquidity and Investment Product Development at Deutsche Bank, said: “This service complements our global cash ‘sweep with the sun’ product solution.”

Deutsche Bank’s liquidity management offering enables its clients to manage their liquidity in a simple and efficient manner through the use of cash concentration or notional pooling. Deutsche Bank was named Best Service Provider – Liquidity Management in APAC by The Asset magazine, as part of its Triple A Treasury, Trade and Risk Management Awards 2016.

Deutsche Bank’s FX4Cash is a global cross-currency payments solution that gives clients access to a wide range of currencies through a single platform and the ability to manage cross-border, cross-currency payments via one base currency account. The FX4Cash platform offers a fully integrated live FX and payment platform to meet clients’ requirements for automation of their cross-currency payment flows.

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