Fides Announces Partnership with Instimatch Global, Extends Corporate Treasury Ecosystem


Fides Treasury Services Ltd. today announced a new partnership with money markets digital platform Instimatch Global. The partnership will enable Fides to offer access to money market liquidity on Instimatch’s platform directly through the Fides Multibanking Suite portal.

“Our clients have told us that money market access is important, and we believe in supporting the needs of our customers,” said Fides CEO Andreas Lutz. “We are delighted by the opportunity to simplify access to Instimatch, which has demonstrably secured growing interest from treasurers globally.”

Instimatch Global is at the forefront of disrupting the traditional phone and broker-based ways in which money markets still largely operate. By connecting borrowers with lenders digitally within the huge unsecured money markets, the global network provides more efficient workflow, better pricing and the ability to diversify counterparty risk. The firm won the Swiss Fintech Awards last year and experienced a significant increase in usage in 2020.

“Fides was the obvious choice for a strategic partnership focused on growth,” said Daniel Sandmeier, CEO of Instimatch Global. “The Fides global multibanking network is the largest of its kind, and this alliance marks a step change for Instimatch as we further industrialise use of our platform.  Many Instimatch clients have stressed to us the importance of portal-based accessibility, integrating Instimatch more easily with other Treasury solutions.”

The Fides partner network is both broad and deep, spanning the entire treasury world and offering a wide range of innovative solutions, from ERP and TMS vendors to software and consultancy services. The Instimatch partnership allows Fides to offer the first of a number of new types of complementary partner solutions to its clients, meeting the diverse range of needs for corporate treasury and finance professionals.

As part of Fides’ digital open ecosystem expansion strategy, Fides will integrate more complementary partner solutions within the next few months, allowing corporate treasurers to further leverage the Fides Multibanking Suite.

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