Global Survey Validates the Emergence of a New Practice Area in Enterprise IT Valued at $30 Billion


Kyriba, a global leader of cloud-based finance and IT solutions, today announced the results of a major IDC survey commissioned by Kyriba. The global survey results of over 800 corporate finance executives validates the emergence of a new practice area in Enterprise IT that includes risk management, payments, real-time connectivity, treasury management and working capital optimisation. The survey further confirmed that predictive analytics, APIs, and artificial intelligence are key integrated technologies required by financial leaders to optimise enterprise liquidity.

Leading CFOs leverage technology integration to unify financial data and processes

The survey highlights a group (“leaders”) who outperformed the survey set in operational efficiency, technology adoption, and process maturity.

  • Enterprise Liquidity: 51% of leaders can produce a consolidated view of cash and liquidity in under one hour compared to 8% of the less equipped companies;
  • Risk Reduction: 79% of leaders have implemented very effective payment fraud prevention with only 16% of laggards reporting confidence in their programs; 69% of leaders effectively hedge to protect their liquidity with less than 5% of laggards reporting well performing hedge programs;
  • Real-Time Decisions: 93% of leaders leverage real-time insights compared to only 36% of less digitised organisations, while 85% of leaders integrate data from partners and third-party members into their enterprise platforms;
  • Investing in Technology: 51% of leaders and 43% of all respondents are planning to increase expenditures on liquidity platforms;

CFOs are confirming the emergence of a liquidity management practice

“CFOs’s new mission is to identify and activate all possible sources of liquidity to continually adapt to new global volatility. This survey confirms that very digitised organisations are inventing new liquidity management practices that mitigate risk while optimising treasury, payments and working capital enterprise-wide and in real-time. Their CFOs deliver actionable intelligence downstream to business decision-makers by transforming data through AI and API-enabled platforms. We are witnessing the birth of a new category of software – Enterprise Liquidity Management” said Samuel Guillon, SVP Strategy at Kyriba.

“We believe that liquidity management platforms can help CFOs improve the new practices they have already established to build resilience, generate value and unlock growth”, he adds.

Liquidity management is reshaping the vendor software market to create a new estimated $30b business

“Overall, the survey findings show the increasing importance of liquidity to financial leaders. The Office of the CFO is becoming a liquidity office, driving transformation through data-driven business decisions. Financial leaders demand systems that are built to aggregate, analyse and disseminate data. This need is driving the emergence of intelligent platforms built upon APIs and unified data. The survey demonstrates that CFOs recognise the need to invest in the tools, skills, and resources to manage liquidity at an enterprise level” said Kevin Permenter, Research Director, Financial Applications at IDC.

He adds “There is a massive opportunity here for vendors to step in and help CFOs as their role changes Taken together, we estimated the total available market for such Enterprise Liquidity Management software at $30 billion in 2020, but the longer-term opportunities for software vendors are much larger”. The IDC White Paper, sponsored by Kyriba, A New Practice Area Emerges for CFOs: Enterprise-wide Liquidity Management, is available exclusively on TMI’s Treasury App

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