HSBC Announces Global Trade Solutions


HSBC has today announced the launch of Global Trade Solutions (GTS), a new identity for the bank’s long-standing Global Trade and Receivables Finance (GTRF) business.

Global Trade Solutions builds upon HSBC’s foundations as a trade bank, whilst creating new ways to connect the world through trade.

The new identity focuses on supporting businesses for the future, helping them navigate the constantly evolving landscape of global trade by harnessing HSBC’s long-standing network, expertise and solutions.

HSBC has set out three key ways in which the bank will use its unique strengths to help businesses succeed:

  • Global connectors: Helping customers where, how and with whom they want to trade.
  • Innovative problem solvers: Providing a safer, smoother digital trade experience, supported with structured working capital solutions.
  • Strategic partners: Trusted partner through growth, disruption, or uncertainty; bringing insights and ideas to help protect and grow their business.

Vivek Ramachandran, Global Head of Global Trade Solutions (GTS) for HSBC said:

“Our rich trade history is a modern-day strength for the businesses we support. The launch of Global Trade Solutions marks the next stage in our ambitious global trade journey. Through the power of our networks, HSBC’s business customers can reliably access and connect to the biggest and fastest growing trade hubs globally, helping them grow and operate across borders, whilst navigating a constantly evolving trade landscape.”

Today, HSBC’s trade operations give clients access to 90% of global trade flows[1], making the bank the world’s leading trade bank by revenues[2] – in 2023, the bank facilitated $850bn in trade[3]. Clients can also benefit from the bank’s unparalleled network of 1.3 million businesses in more than 50 markets[4] and long-standing relationships with both suppliers and buyers, helping to connect them with the right partners, manage risks, and access finance.

To find out more about Global Trade Solutions and how HSBC’s global networks can power business growth, visit: HSBC Global Trade Solutions

[1] Source: GTRF network analysis, ITC calculations based on UN COMTRADE and ITC statistics, 2022

[2] Source: Coalition Greenwich Competitor Analytics – FY23. Based on HSBC’s internal business structure and internal revenue numbers, and the following peer group: BofA, BARC, BNPP, CA-CIB, CITI, DBS, JPM, SCB. Analysis includes all Institutional Clients and Corporates with annual sales turnover of more than US$5-10mm.

[3] HSBC Group Annual Reports and Accounts 2023

[4] HSBC Internal MI, 2023

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