ICD Launches AI Portfolio Analytics Solution for Corporate Treasury Investment Reporting


Corporate treasury professionals who struggle to get a comprehensive view of their entire investment portfolio will now be able to automate the otherwise time-consuming process with a new, AI-driven cloud investment reporting solution, ICD Portfolio Analytics. Launched at the annual conference of the Association for Financial Professionals today, ICD Portfolio Analytics comes at a time of heightened awareness of counterparty credit risk following the banking turmoil triggered by the failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) earlier this year.

“ICD Portfolio Analytics incorporates our underlying fund holdings with other investment positions, making it possible to see our true exposures across all of our investments,” says Indivior Treasurer Bill Lundeen. “This is invaluable given the heightened focus on exposures due to the 2023 bank failures.”

In February, 86% of clients responding to ICD’s annual survey said they were concerned about counterparty credit risk. Following SVB, 69% of corporate members surveyed by treasury peer group firm NeuGroup said they were considering enhancing or changing their approach to managing counterparty credit risk.

“We’re solving real problems for organisations that are spending precious resources on low- value work,” says Zachary Brown, ICD’s Executive Vice President of Investment Reporting. “Currently, organisations are struggling to consolidate and normalise holdings information using spreadsheets and home-grown tools. Their manual process often results in incomplete and delayed views of their investment portfolios, which in turn hampers decision-making and masks compliance violations and exposures.”

ICD Portfolio Analytics creates a single data set of all positions across an organisation’s entire investment portfolio. Investments may include bank balances and deposits, internally managed investments, separately managed accounts and underlying money market fund and bond fund holdings.

The solution’s proprietary process automatically ingests data from reporting sources such as custodians, asset managers, ERPs, treasury management systems, banks and other data sources, which come into the organisation in different file formats. Using machine learning, the solution aggregates and harmonises the data and stores it in a normalised database for analysis and reporting.

In addition to providing institutional investors with counterparty, country, sector, ratings and maturity exposure information at their fingertips, the data set’s comprehensive nature enables investors to ensure their portfolio is within their company’s compliance rules and investment guidelines.

ICD Portfolio Analytics builds on ICD’s 20-year history of co-innovating with clients to solve the investment related challenges faced by treasury organisations.

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