Kyriba and ICD Launch API to Power Automation, Liquidity Insight Across the Investment Workflow


Kyriba announces the launch of a new API connector with ICD to deliver real-time visibility of cash and short-term investments for CFOs and Treasurers.

The API integration enables treasury teams to research, trade, analyse, and report on investments. In addition, joint clients can sweep excess bank balances into money market funds to ICD from their Kyriba Dashboard.

“Kyriba and ICD have served their clients for over a decade with innovations that optimise liquidity management. As interest rates continue to rise, our clients demand more efficient and impactful investing options and advanced analytics in real-time as well as automated sweeps and additional services,” said Félix Grévy, Head of Connectivity and Open APIs at Kyriba. “The API development with ICD is part of a larger effort to ensure our clients have the best opportunity to improve returns on their excess cash.”

“ICD has always had a client first model. Ensuring efficiency, security and streamlined workflows have been the cornerstone of our company’s commitment to our clients,” said Sebastian Ramos, EVP, Global Trading and Products at ICD. “With single sign-on and deep integration with Kyriba, our joint clients limit risk and add efficiencies to their cash and liquidity management processes.”

ICD Portal API Benefits

  • Mitigate operational and financial risk with real-time visibility into money market funds and cash
  • Maximise returns on daily excess cash, improve data accuracy, enhance forecasting, and optimise working capital
  • Drive efficiencies, freeing up time through integrated analytics and automated reporting

“Through its dedicated resources and Open API platform, the Kyriba Marketplace allows ICD to build applications and expand our ability to serve our joint clients,” said Ramos. “Our new ICD Portal API offers fast and easy implementation to our clients.”

“Kyriba designed its Marketplace to be a self-service platform where developers can easily integrate their technology into the Kyriba ecosystem, and where customers can easily benefit from new technologies seamlessly integrated into the Kyriba Platform with APIs,” said Grévy.

To accelerate innovation, new applications are being delivered via the Kyriba Marketplace, where apps for finance are easy to implement and distribute across Kyriba’s global network of 2,500 clients and 85,000 end users. Partners and Fintechs are joining the Kyriba Marketplace for its ease of use and access to a wide range of global clients.

In early 2022, Kyriba announced it opened its application platform to developers with access to its $15T payments network and has since expanded the developer portal with new self-service applications and an App Marketplace. The portal has since won the Best Open Banking Treasury Solution from Global Finance Magazine.

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