MAHLE is first to implement the joint solutions of Hanse Orga and Top Image Systems for remittance advice processing


Hamburg/Tel Aviv/New York/Plano,TX: MAHLE Industries, Incorporated, a subsidiary of the MAHLE Group, one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide with 66,000 employees and a turnover of around EUR 10 billion in 2014, has automated the processing of its remittance advices by deploying the Enhancement Package ‘Integrated Advices’ for Hanse Orga’s FinanceSuite AutoBank Automatic Cash Application in conjunction with the content capture and processing solution eFLOW® from Top Image Systems.

The solutions have been installed in the U.S. and Mexican entities of MAHLE, where many remittance advices are received via e-mail. Previously, these payment advices had to be processed in an entirely manual manner to ensure that the open receivables could be reconciled. After implementing the new solutions, MAHLE has been able to realize automatic processes and has since profited from considerable time savings. The remittance advices can now be captured with eFLOW®
which automatically extracts, classifies and verifies the information in the documents and delivers it directly to the FinanceSuite AutoBank Automatic Cash Application for further processing and automatic matching.

“This joint project with Hanse Orga and Top Image Systems has proved highly successful to us: while the previous remittance advice processing was dominated by tedious manual tasks, we are happy to have been able to automate these processes thanks to the new solutions. The time savings, we have experienced due to the project, have been so significant that our finance staff now has the time to focus on more value-adding tasks”, says John Nielsen, MAHLE Industries Inc. Treasurer.

“It has been great to work with MAHLE and to support them in accelerating their overall accounts receivable processing by automating their remittance advice management. With our joint solutions companies worldwide can benefit from this pioneering approach: for the first time, it is possible to automate the processing of all types of advices no matter their format or size,”, say both Sven Lindemann, CEO Hanse Orga, and Michael Schrader, CEO Top Image Systems.

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