Making Bank Connectivity Instant and Seamless: Automation Boutique Announces API Partnership with Necto


Thanks to a new premium API partnership between Automation Boutique and Necto, corporate treasurers can now connect with dozens of banks and exchange data in real time. This includes bank balances and transaction history, together with the ability to initiate payments.

Necto is a US-based leading aggregator for premium banking APIs that enables companies to link with their banks in real time.

Meanwhile, Automation Boutique is a Netherlands-based team providing development and advisory services to help companies automate treasury and finance processes.

Working together – with Automation Boutique now offering implementation of Necto’s premium API – enables companies to move to real-time treasury management and directly synchronise with their system(s) of choice – whether it be Power BI, Excel, Tableau, TMS, ERP, or any other platform.

Leveraging premium APIs for your bank interactions can significantly improve corporate treasury operations, offering benefits such as:

  • Real-time multi-bank cash visibility
  • Intraday reconciliation and liquidity management
  • Improved cash forecasting
  • Continuous payment rails
  • Seamless data integration
  • Immediate payment execution
  • Advanced liquidity insights
  • Up-to-the-minute payment statuses

Offering real-time connectivity to bank data through seamlessly integrated APIs, this partnership is sure to take treasury and finance to the next level.

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