New payments API from TreasuryXpress: “Treasury management solutions join the FinTech phenomenon”


New York – TreasuryXpress, global leader in frictionless and on-demand treasury management solutions today announced the full launch its new API, Payment+.

The first ever API built specifically for corporate treasury, Payment+ is the latest addition to the TreasuryXpress Store, the industry’s first and only online store for treasury management software. Payment+ was designed for use by both treasury professionals who need to translate their ERP payment files into bank-ready formats. The API may also be used by ERP, Payment, or TMS providers who would like to reduce their own banking formats library limitations.

The new API delivers an easy, self-service means to automatically generate bank-ready payment files from their ERP or TMS. With built in “go/no-go” format validation features, Payment+ automatically identifies and provides a full analysis of any non-conforming fields to produce a fully bank-ready file. After validation, the Payment+ API converts ERP data into bank-ready ISO20022 Customer Initiation message payments that follows bank, country and payment type rules.

“The API is the future of treasury. Corporate treasurers have long struggled with trying to solve basic yet imperative challenges with expensive TMS solutions that take a long time to implement and do not always provide a full solution,” says Anis Rahal, CEO and Founder of TreasuryXpress. “By delivering critical treasury capabilities via affordable APIs, treasurers can get exactly what they need without having to pay a fortune for it and without having to wait through lengthy implementations.”

ERP, Payments, or TMS providers leveraging the Payments+ API will be able to incorporate it into their client’s environment allowing them to provide broader connectivity capabilities to their clients. Additionally, by leveraging the API, traditional providers can now increase their time to new markets to better support their own client’s business.

“Our goal is to make the treasurer’s job easier, to keep our client’s needs first. TreasuryXpress has been vocal about this commitment from the beginning,” continues Rahal. “We want to cooperate with ERP and TMS solutions because this is what will benefit treasury.”

The Payment+ API is accessible via the TreasuryXpress Store. Users simply create a free online account that allows them access to the full store. Full developer and API set-up documentation is available online. Click here to register for free access to the TreasuryXpress Store.

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