Nomentia Unveils Game-Changing Product Update: All-In-One Treasury Management Solution Now Available


Nomentia, a European leader in treasury and cash management solutions, has announced a significant milestone in its journey with the launch of a comprehensive product update. Starting today, all Nomentia solutions can be accessed from a single unified platform – dubbed ‘OneNomentia’ – offering convenience and efficiency to treasurers and finance teams.

Since the merger of Nomentia and TIPCO in the fall of 2021, the company has continuously expanded its offerings, empowering treasury and finance professionals to excel in their roles. Over the past two years, Nomentia has successfully executed numerous projects while simultaneously working towards its overarching vision of consolidating its cash and treasury management solutions into a unified hub.

Hubert Rappold, Chief Sales Officer at Nomentia and former co-CEO at TIPCO, shared his perspective on this milestone: “Today marks the realisation of our commitment to delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions to treasurers. ‘OneNomentia’ signifies not just an end, but a new beginning, a fresh chapter in our journey to redefine treasury management in collaboration with our clients.”

The consolidation of previously separate Cash Management and Treasury Management solutions brings a multitude of advantages, according to Nomentia:

  • Unified Platform: A variety of treasury challenges can now be tackled with the Nomentia ecosystem.
  • Seamless Transition: Users of Nomentia Cash Management can effortlessly use Treasury Management modules and vice versa.
  • The modular approach remains intact: This allows clients to select the tools they require for their unique workflows.
  • Scalability: As organisations need new treasury technologies according to their roadmaps, Nomentia’s solutions can be easily added later on.
  • Innovative Leap: The integrated platform accelerates the introduction of future innovations, empowering clients with cutting-edge advancements.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Substantial UI/UX improvements for elevated user experience and ease of use.

Jukka Sallinen, Chief Executive Officer at Nomentia, expressed enthusiasm for the journey ahead: “Our clients’ needs have always driven us, and ‘OneNomentia’ reflects our commitment to their success. While today marks a significant achievement, it’s merely the foundation for our vision of becoming the number one treasury management solution for treasurers.”

This exciting update signifies Nomentia’s commitment to empowering treasurers and finance professionals with an unmatched platform for their critical functions. To experience the new Nomentia first-hand, interested parties are invited to attend a live webinar on 10 October 2023, where the company will showcase its latest innovations and provide insights into the future roadmap.

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