Societe Generale Supports its Customers Through SEPA Migration with a Dedicated SEPA Website


Societe Generale is continuing to support its current and prospective customers through SEPA migration by providing a dedicated educational and informative website: This change concerns every business that carries out credit transfers and/or direct debits in euros within the SEPA zone. The aim of this new website is to increase awareness amongst economic players of the need to migrate by 1 February 2014. supplements the fieldwork undertaken by the Societe Generale teams over the last two years or so, in France and abroad, amongst corporate clients (conferences, informative mails and meetings with clients). More than 10,000 meetings or direct contacts with clients have thus taken place and 150 information sessions have been carried out for our bank branch staff in France and staff at our other locations across Europe.


SEPA (the Single Euro Payments Area) aims to harmonise the means of payment used by all economic players domestically and across Europe. Brussels has set the date for the migration to SEPA norms and standards for Euro Zone countries at 1 February 2014, after which businesses and individuals will only be able to use SEPA credit  transfers and direct debits for their domestic and cross-border transactions.

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