Special BELLIN Offer for UBS Clients


UBS Switzerland supplements its product range with a component created by BELLIN within the fully integrated treasury management system tm5

BELLIN has created an innovative solution for small and medium-sized, internationally operating Swiss companies, enabling them to professionalize their liquidity and treasury management with specialized software. Through their collaboration with BELLIN, UBS Switzerland supplements its product range to include another innovative cash management solution for their treasury clients.

For this cooperation, the partners have defined three different package solutions containing the treasury management software tm5 to meet the widely varying needs of companies. If UBS Switzerland is their main bank, Swiss corporate clients of UBS can receive tm5 on very favorable terms. In this context, BELLIN and UBS Switzerland optimized the interfaces and processes between the independent treasury management system tm5 by BELLIN and integrated the payment services supported by UBS Switzerland.

Depending on the complexity of their needs, customers can choose from three packages: “Standard”, “Premium”, and “Advanced”. The functionalities offered by these packages range from basic liquidity management and payments processing with tm5 to the integration of bulk payments and to the more complex management of FX deals and bank guarantees. The multi-bank solution allows its users to send and collect payments and account statements at any time across borders and banks.

“The collaboration with UBS Switzerland shows how specialized bank products and services can be combined perfectly with appropriate technology to create a solution with multiple benefits for the customer. I am convinced that the bank’s vision in this project writes a new chapter in its relationship to corporate clients by focusing on their heterogeneous needs instead of on a certain product,” explains Martin Bellin, founder and Managing Director of BELLIN.

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