SunGard launches APT Enterprise platform for an integrated view of risk management


SunGard announces the launch of its APT Enterprise platform which provides integrated risk management through an interactive risk dashboard for the buy-side. The new platform will help asset managers gain a competitive advantage by ensuring an independent view of market and liquidity risk by improved modelling of multi asset class portfolios, and enabling efficient workflows for market data management. This enables asset managers to create enhanced investment strategies, and to realize operational efficiency through the automation of highly customizable risk reports.

Leveraging SunGard’s risk managed service which is fully hosted, APT Enterprise provides coverage of liquid and illiquid assets, unlisted funds, and virtually every type of derivative product. Asset managers will also benefit from portfolio optimization as APT Enterprise’s ‘what-if’ analysis allows fund managers to make better investment decisions.

“The buy side is already learning to combine simulation and factor model approaches, consolidate risk systems and introduce an integrated approach to risk management. When firms can realize the advantages of enterprise-wide market risk systems, and tell the whole story of risk on a portfolio, investors are even more likely to buy into their strategies. Crucial therefore is for firms to develop a risk management culture and with timely efficient reporting platforms to mitigate the dangers of siloed risk thinking.” – Peyman Mestchian, managing partner, Chartis research.

“Firms are starting to develop a true culture of risk, but they are challenged by lack of coherence in modelling and by disparate risk platforms. On top of this they must ensure compliance with regulation such as AIFMD, Form PF and UCITS. This makes it difficult to create a truly holistic view of risk and manage it effectively on an enterprise-wide basis. APT Enterprise allows the monitoring of liquidity risk to become more integrated with market risk and to be visualized via a front office dashboard – helping investment firms to make better-informed investment decisions.” – Laurence Wormald, head of buy-side research, SunGard.

Already there are five North American and European customers using APT Enterprise.

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