SunGard’s New Offerings Help Firms Manage Data and Control Exposure on Corporate Actions Risk


SunGard has launched two new corporate actions products to help global financial institutions manage global event data and identify and control their risk exposure. As the volume and complexity of corporate actions events continue to grow, firms struggle to manage the onslaught of data and also need to better understand their risk in order to take action on events that require immediate attention.

To help firms address this, SunGard has developed XSPosure, a cloud-based risk dashboard which provides an intuitive, dynamic and visual representation of a firm’s corporate actions risk exposure. Users will have a top-down view of corporate actions within a single web-based dashboard, eliminating the need to gather this information from multiple disparate systems, spreadsheets, reports and other static methods. By using the XSPosure dashboard in conjunction with the XSP corporate actions solution, firms can identify risky events to help prevent potentially damaging loss due to unknown corporate actions exposure.

SunGard’s new Corporate Actions BPaaS (Business-Process-as-a-Service) offers firms a global, central repository of cleansed corporate actions data from multiple sources for consumption within corporate actions processing applications, such as SunGard’s XSP. Built on the XSP platform and supported by SunGard’s experienced corporate actions specialists, the Corporate Actions BPaaS offering collects, cleanses and standardizes data from multiple sources, giving firms the ability to access the information they need to effectively serve their customers and support back-office operations.

“There is a need for complete, accurate and timely corporate actions data to feed dynamic analysis tools and safeguard against unforeseen risk exposures. XSP’s service helps firms alleviate staffing challenges, support entry into new markets with diverse requirements, and gain confidence in the quality and speed of its corporate actions data, all from a trusted source. The XSPosure dashboard simplifies the way of viewing risk by turning a very complicated problem into an easy-to-use visual solution. SunGard strives to deliver intuitive solutions and value-added services that help address the challenges for areas as complex as corporate actions.”  – Brendan P. Farrell, Jr., executive vice president and general manager, XSP, SunGard

“Firms continue to focus on long-term initiatives that will improve efficiency and control risk across the entire enterprise, and corporate actions are no exception. Many firms should consider corporate actions as part of a life cycle that relies on data centralization, risk analysis and automation to improve accuracy and efficiency, reduce risk exposure, and respond quickly to customer needs.” – Isabella Fonseca, research director, Celent

In 2013, the concept of the corporate actions risk dashboard was initiated during SunGard’s first global codeathon.  

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