Surecomp Unveils Trade Finance-as-a-Service for Holistic Trade Finance Management


Toronto, Canada – Surecomp today announced the launch of its Trade Finance-as-a-Service (TFaaS) suite comprising back-office trade finance management and processing, front-office for banks’ corporate clients, open API connectivity and full access to its Marketplace. The new subscription-based service is fully scalable and offers a cost-effective and holistic solution that allows parties to digitally apply for, track and manage all their trade finance needs. It enhances collaboration to ultimately facilitate global trade, increase operational efficiencies and drive revenue.

The fully integrated end-to-end cloud-based suite supports the full portfolio of trade finance applications, while adhering to the highest standard of security, service level agreement, cloud technology performance, data segregation, storage and messaging requirement. The platform is SWIFT certified, and the service assures compliance with all future applicable SWIFT changes.

Offered as a flexible SaaS subscription-based model, the feature-rich and scalable solution promotes improved business agility for banks and corporates of all size and need. Reducing cost and reliance on internal IT infrastructures, the complete trade finance suite supports gradual transition to the cloud, frictionless upgrades and access to the wider trade finance ecosystem through the open API gateway and Surecomp’s Marketplace – the fintech partner solutions and services platform.

“Our solutions have been driving the evolution of trade finance operations for many years,” commented Guy Perry, Surecomp’s President. “By responding to our customer’s needs, we are offering yet another way to gain value from our state-of-the-art trade finance solutions. With TFaaS, customers can now consume the entire trade finance service via powerful, cloud-based, easy-to-onboard technology, which is fast, efficient and extremely cost-effective. This means our customers can become more agile, and in turn deliver a more efficient trade finance service to their customers.”

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