Surecomp Welcomes New Partners CRiskCo and EasySend onto its Fintech Marketplace


Toronto, Canada – Surecomp, the leading provider of global trade finance solutions for banks and corporates, today announced the addition of two new fintech partners to its Marketplace platform. Through open API connectivity, customers can now access CRiskCo which offers credit scoring and onboarding for SMEs and EasySend which is a secure no-code platform for building and optimising digital customer journeys; both of which will help customers accelerate their digital transformation journey and reap the rewards of previously untapped operational efficiencies.

The web-based Marketplace platform – which provides a single point access to these and numerous other innovative applications within the wider trade finance ecosystem – is one of Surecomp’s flagship digitisation initiatives to help promote the use of open banking and enable its customers to offer a broader service to the market. Through Marketplace, banks can now expand their digital offering to include artificial intelligence-led process automation and credit scoring for effective risk mitigation.

“Our partnership with Surecomp brings CRiskCo’s innovative technology and services to the fore, allowing banks and credit providers to increase their credit to SMEs and manage the underwriting process more effectively,” explains Erez Saf, Chief Executive Officer at CRiskCo. “It demonstrates the trust Surecomp has in us and the industry need for innovative solutions.”

“There are significant opportunities for financial institutions to drive greater efficiency and productivity by increasing digitisation of the front-end customer data collection process,” says Tal Daskal, Chief Executive Officer at EasySend. “With Surecomp’s Marketplace for encouraging banks to embrace digitisation, EasySend’s no-code platform has the opportunity to reach a wider audience.”

“We are delighted to welcome these new partners onto our fintech community Marketplace,” adds Tsafrir Attar, Surecomp’s VP of Digitisation. “It is testament to the value of the platform that we are recruiting new apps so regularly, with each one being specially selected to fill a gap, extend added value and provide even greater automation to the trade finance ecosystem.”

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