Taulia Introduces Accounts Receivable Financing


Taulia is excited to announce the launch of its Accounts Receivable Financing solution (AR Financing). Taulia can now offer receivables financing so businesses can receive early payment on invoices due to them from their customers. This off-balance sheet solution enables businesses to optimise working capital, reduce DSO, and access liquidity in a flexible financing structure that suits their specific goals and needs.

Alistair Baxter, Head of AR Financing, Taulia, comments, “We’ve married our best-in-class technology with our capital markets expertise to unlock the value trapped in receivables. This is going to revolutionise how our customers manage their working capital. We’ve designed the product entirely from scratch: the technology, the operational processes, the funding routes, and structures. This has allowed us to build on the existing technology advantage we provide our payables customers to cover the entire spectrum of working capital without having to back solve a solution to fit the needs of historic clients. As a result, we have a slick and intuitive interface that shares insight and automates operational processes, whilst also providing the gateway to significant pools of liquidity, all at the touch of a button.”

For more information, please visit Taulia’s AR Financing Solutions page here

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