Temenos launches pioneering mobile banking solution with capability to improve productivity by 85%


Temenos Connect Mobile Banking with a SmartHybridTM approach offers significant time to market advantages by overcoming limitations of distributing to multiple devices and app stores

GENEVA, Switzerland – Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the market-leading provider of mission-critical solutions to the financial services industry, today announces the availability of its Temenos Connect Mobile Banking solution for retail banks – the first retail mobile banking solution to be underpinned by a user experience platform (UXP) that drives multi-device banking solutions.

Temenos Connect Mobile Banking, showcased at the Temenos Community Forum in May this year, combines the very best of native and web technologies. It has been developed using the latest version of the Temenos UXP, edgeConnect 5.3. edgeConnect 5.3 encompasses a ground-breaking technology solution, an industry first, SmartHybridTM, that develops mobile applications that look, feel and behave like native apps. It is also the only mobile application development technology currently available that optimises the performance of hybrid mobile applications whilst offering an 85% cost efficiency during development and testing.*

Temenos’ SmartHybridTM approach means that phone features like camera, phone book, GPS etc are incorporated into the mobile banking app, but screens can be updated on the server-like web applications. This enables easy customisation of the user interface, providing dynamic and personalised content with high fidelity/pixel perfect layout, creating near native user experiences. The ability to update screens on the server also means that enhancements to the app can be made and published once eliminating the need to redistribute the app to multiple app stores. This enables banks to be very agile in responding to market opportunities and customer demands, allowing high speed to market and reducing the complexity and cost of managing and distributing multiple apps for various devices.

TCMB is available for iOS, Android and Windows-based devices.

Dharmesh Mistry, UXP Product Director, Temenos commented: “This truly is a next-generation approach to hybrid mobile app development. Everyone wants a native experience that utilises all the individual device capabilities and is very responsive. However, native apps are just not sustainable long term. The mobile landscape is changing rapidly and no-one knows what the latest devices will be in even 12 months’ time. If banks adopt a native mobile strategy, they will need pools of developers for the different platforms, speed to market will be comprised, and there will be high costs for development, maintenance and distribution. Yet, hybrid mobile apps frequently deliver inferior quality of experience and poor performance.

“However, because Temenos Connect Moble Banking is underpinned by edgeConnect, we have been able to address these issues and we now have a smarter and revolutionary approach to hybrid mobile development – hence the term SmartHybridTM. By adopting TCMB, banks can provide their customers with the quality of experience and high performance that they demand, without having to worry about maintaining multiple apps for various devices.”

Kieran Hines, Financial Services Technology Practice, of leading global technology research and advisory firm Ovum, commented: “The major strength of the solution lies in the vendor’s approach to designing and deploying user experience portals on mobile devices. The strong focus on developing mobile channel technology enhances the product roadmap and the availability of new features with further releases. This aligns well with current market requirements, as banks are looking increasingly to vendors to support new technology developments.”

* Ovum white paper ‘Temenos edgeConnect’ 2014

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