The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition Announces Global Virtual Earth Day Event


New York – The Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC), a nonprofit organisation that is dedicated to advancing the implementation of blockchain based initiatives to address social and environmental challenges aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, has today announced the launch of a Virtual Earth Day Event on April 22nd. This event will culminate with the announcement of the winners of its 6-week Decentralised Impact Incubator Program, which focused this year on climate challenges.

With sponsors including Celo, Pepo, the Graph, City of Austin, ConsenSys, DappHero, Gitcoin, KPMG, Microsoft, and the United Nations Development Program, the Incubator activates a global community of developers, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, and students, and supports them as they build social enterprises using innovative solutions to address some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Speaking on the launch, Vanessa Grellet, Executive Director at ConsenSys and President of the BSIC Board, commented, “We made the decision to pivot our Earth Day 2020 event from an in-person event for people in New York City, to one that is 100% digital this year and available worldwide. It is our hope that our reimagined online event will give us the opportunity to enhance awareness of solutions to further the global attainment of science-based emissions targets.”

“During the 6 weeks leading up to Earth Day, participants from around the world have been working diligently to design applications, business models and advance technical production of their concepts. With the support of senior industry mentors, our teams have been mandated with addressing four climate-focused challenges – Mitigating Our Carbon Footprint, Designing Sustainable Cities, Peace & Prosperity, and Abating Pollution & Plastics. Coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, we are excited to be awarding grants to the winning projects to support the continued development of their concepts” said Yorke Rhodes III, Adjunct Professor at New York University, Co-Founder of Blockchain @Microsoft and BSIC Board member.

“The ESG agenda is front and centre in the minds of a growing number of global citizens. Blockchain technology, as one of the most advanced technological developments of this century, has the potential and indeed the obligation, to act as a tool to accelerate global climate remedial actions. The inherent transparency of DLT can bring to light the invisible climate costs of everyday consumer choices and affect more sustainable marketplaces. The BSIC Incubator has in past years attracted over 1,200 participants from 120 global locations, with many important applications developed along the way. I am particularly eager to see what solutions the teams will develop by harnessing blockchain technologies to support climate initiatives this year.” said Steven Haft, Head of Global Partnerships at ConsenSys and member of the founding team of student activists who established the inaugural Earth Day in 1970.

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