TIS & Treasury Strategies Announce an Integrated Bank Fee Analysis Solution for Corporate Treasury & Finance


Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) and Treasury Strategies, a division of Curinos, Inc., have announced a new partnership agreement that will see Treasury Strategies’ global bank fee analysis platform integrated with the TIS cloud platform for cashflow, liquidity, and payments. By leveraging the combined solutions of TIS and Treasury Strategies, corporate treasury and finance teams can now gain complete control and visibility over every element of their banking operations through a single structure.

Since 2010, TIS has enabled organisations to connect their entire banking and back-office landscape together through a single platform that streamlines payments and reporting, simplifies bank account management, and provides total visibility over account balances, transaction details, and all associated bank documentation. By adding the capabilities of the Treasury Strategies bank fee analysis solution, TIS clients can now easily monitor bank fees across all their relationships, standardise fee categories for benchmarking purposes, and automatically identify pricing discrepancies on monthly statements. These capabilities unlock a whole new tier of operational efficiency for clients who want to quickly analyse bank fees across all their relationships and account structures, benchmark these costs across each bank relationship, and then compare their fees against what similar companies are charged both domestically and globally.

Given that TIS has integrated over 85,000 client bank accounts with their platform and can connect organisations to 11,000+ global banking options, the Treasury Strategies bank fee analysis solution serves as a natural extension of these core capabilities. According to Jon Paquette, SVP Solutions at TIS, “The TIS and Treasury Strategies integration is the latest example of our commitment to provide businesses of all sizes and industries with top-tier bank connectivity and bank account management services. With Treasury Strategies as our partner, clients can now access an unprecedented range of datasets to help them evaluate and benchmark the costs of their banking operations on a global scale. This will ultimately enable them to more effectively identify inefficiencies, eliminate redundancies, and create a more sustainable, streamlined, and cost-effective banking structure.”

This perspective was shared by Peter Serene, Managing Director of Commercial solutions at Curinos, who added, “We’re thrilled to partner with TIS, integrating our advanced bank fee analysis solution, NDepth, into their comprehensive treasury management suite. In today’s evolving bank fee and ECR landscape, NDepth is a critical tool. It’s designed to empower organisations with unparalleled visibility into their financial operations, aligning with TIS’ mission to simplify global payments and cash management. Together, we help organisations assert control over their bank fees, optimise financial processes, and realise substantial savings. This collaboration underscores our commitment to delivering transformative bank fee analysis benefits for treasurers worldwide”.

The partnership between TIS and Treasury Strategies is expected to take effect immediately, with both teams working together to develop an enhanced solution offering for clients.

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