Transforming Treasury

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New Strategy, new thinking for the Treasurer & CFO

Treasury is an evolving, dynamic business function that has the potential to contribute proactively to the company’s wider strategic objectives and create a competitive advantage. To achieve this, treasury needs the right organisational structures, policies, processes, technology, people, external partnerships and internal relationships and influence.

Now is the time to make sure your treasury is ready for the challenge!

Transforming Treasury is an in depth book which examines and highlights the essential steps that treasuries should undertake to ensure they can meet the challenges of the future.

A 104 page book written by Helen Sanders. With contributions from some of the world’s most respected corporate treasurers.

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Treasury Transformation Checklist:


  • How is treasury positioned to manage unexpected events or market volatility?
  • How quickly can it respond to unprecedented or unexpected events?
  • Are treasury policies aligned with the company’s strategic business plans?
Treasury Operations:
  • Does treasury have the tools to model cash and risk effecitvely to enable high-quality decision-making?
  • What scope is there for error or fraud in treasury processes?
  • What opportunities exist to minimise the risk?
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Transforming Treasury Checklist:

Cash-Flow and Balance Management:

  • Does treasury have visibility over all company bank accounts?
  • Does treasury have full control over balances?
  • Is all the cash held in accounts with creditworthy banks that are included in treasury’s counterparty risk analysis?
  • Does treasury have the ability to communicate with its banks through consistent channels using the same formats?
  • Is treasury responsible for funding accross the business?
  • Is the business borrowing to fund some accounts/ currencies when surpluses exist in others?
  • How reliable are treasury’s funding arrangements in the event of a crisis?
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Transforming Treasury Checklist:


  • Is treasury compliant with all internal and external audit requirements?
  • Is treasury compliant with all accounting, market and regulatory requirements?
  • What compliance, accounting, market and regulatory requirements will treasury need to comply with in the future and how is it positioned to achieve this?
Skills and Resources:
  • What treasury activities take place outside global or regional treasury centre(s) and why is this?
  • What tasks or skills are replicated across the business?
  • What focus does treasury have on staff retention and how effective is this?
  • How are the skills in treasury being actively developed?
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