TRATON Migrates Trade Finance to the Cloud as Part of Corporate-Led Initiative


Toronto – Surecomp today announced that automotive multinational TRATON SE has gone live with its trade finance processing solution COR-TF in the cloud. The move came as part of a corporate-wide initiative to shift many of the firm’s on-premise installed solutions to its cloud environment in order to improve agility and reduce total cost of ownership.

The Munich-based company – which reported €22.6bn in revenue last year – has been using Surecomp’s COR-TF solution since 2007 to centralise and standardise its global trade finance workflow. Provided by TRATON, COR-TF is the leading IT solution for trade finance in the entire Volkswagen Group. With processing automation and enhanced operational efficiency the initial drivers, the export-heavy business has since seen considerable expansion and executes more than a thousand transactions per month.

“Thanks to a great team effort between Surecomp and TRATON, we are pleased to have successfully gone live with COR-TF in the cloud,” commented Stephan Mazurkiewicz, VP Trade Finance and Insurance at TRATON. “With reduced reliance on our internal IT infrastructure, we now have the accessibility, agility and efficiency to support TRATON’s “Global Champion Strategy.”

“We are very proud to have supported TRATON in this important corporate-led initiative,” says Yaron Hupert, SVP Account Management at Surecomp. “We are transitioning more and more customers to the cloud as the cost benefits and scalability prove invaluable to future-proofing their business. TRATON is a shining example of how straightforward this move can be, with an immediate realised return on investment”.

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