TreasurySpring and Global Reach Group Launch Partnership


TreasurySpring, the London-based financial technology company that enables firms to minimise risk and maximise returns on excess cash balances, and Global Reach, a leading provider of foreign exchange and international payments, today announced that they have entered into a partnership to deliver seamless access to each other’s services for their clients.

The current climate of ultra-low and negative interest rates, coupled with an uncertain credit outlook presents a material challenge for treasury teams of all shapes and sizes. Through this partnership, Global Reach is able to offer the first white-label platform in the market to provide access to TreasurySpring’s unique Fixed-Term Funds, helping its clients to address these challenges through a fully-integrated solution.

The TreasurySpring FTF platform offers clients the simplest route to access wholesale money markets, with no set-up costs or standing charges, through a simple digital onboarding process which can be completed within days. Once onboarded, clients can access the platform at any time, offering them a tailored menu of low-risk cash management options in multiple currencies across TreasurySpring’s three core verticals—sovereigns, corporations, and bank exposures—all at the click of a button.

This partnership will be available to all TreasurySpring and Global Reach clients, including multinational corporations, SMEs, fund managers, charities, and family offices. It will facilitate swift digital onboarding to both firms, with minimal additional effort, providing access to best-in-class cash investment and FX products and functionality. This will allow clients to streamline their processes and supplement their treasury toolkits with a bespoke combination of services and product offerings, delivering greater value to their core businesses

Kevin Cook, co-founder and CEO, TreasurySpring, said: “Cash investment, funding and FX risk management are intertwined in the core functions of all treasury teams across borders and sectors. From our first interactions with Global Reach, it was clear that they shared our vision for providing client-driven, technology-enabled solutions to this under-served market segment, so we are delighted to be partnering with Nicholas and his team to deliver a truly unique offering to our combined client base.”

Nicholas Fullerton, CEO, Global Reach commented: “The partnership with TreasurySpring allows us to further enhance the suite of treasury management tools we offer our corporate and institutional client base. We are delighted to be able to give our clients access to TreasurySpring’s unique FTFs and support their clients with proactive FX risk management. We very much look forward to a successful collaboration with Kevin and his team.”

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