TreasuryXpress launches new online store for on-demand treasury technology


New York, NY – TreasuryXpress, global leader in frictionless and on-demand treasury management solutions today announced the launch of the TreasuryXpress Lab, the industry’s first online store.

“The Lab” offers a growing portfolio of both standalone and add-on financial and treasury products. The store allows treasuries and companies of all sizes to pick, choose, and use the capabilities they need to automate their finances on-demand and in the Cloud.

“What enables frictionless IT is a smooth experience. It is defined by the quality and ease of interaction between the user and the technology during deployment, integration, and ongoing use,” says Anis Rahal, CEO and Founder of TreasuryXpress. “With the most resource-friendly implementation experience in the industry, we have accomplished this with our enterprise TMS solution, C2Treasury. Now we are enhancing that experience by delivering on-demand products and functionality via our Lab.”

Clients using products from the Lab benefit from low monthly subscriptions, self-service set-up, and on-demand access. Forecast+™, the Lab’s inaugural product allows companies of any size to access simple-to-use cash forecasting functionality with the added ability to perform cash trend analysis. The product can be used as a standalone forecasting tool for smaller companies or integrated with existing systems such as TMS’ and ERPs for larger companies that want to enhance their current treasury management capabilities.

“My vision for founding TreasuryXpress was to create solutions for financial professionals that just work,” continues Rahal. “As a former treasurer myself, I want my clients to have access to the best solutions when and how they require them. I want to make their job easier.”

To register for free access to Forecast+, check out “the Lab” here.

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