TreasuryXpress’ online store unbundles traditional treasury management systems for corporate treasurers

  • Self-Service Store Allows Treasury to Take Control Over TMS Spend and Implementation

New York, NY – TreasuryXpress, global leader in frictionless and on-demand treasury management solutions today announced the full launch of the TreasuryXpress Store, a fully self-service online shopping portal designed to give treasury departments of all sizes on-demand access to robust treasury management software and APIs.

In September 2016, TreasuryXpress launched the “The Lab”, a Beta version of the TreasuryXpress Store, the industry’s first online marketplace. Designed to offer a portfolio of both standalone and add-on financial and treasury products, the store allows treasuries of all sizes to subscribe to enterprise-quality treasury and financial software – on-demand and in the Cloud. The company reports that since the Beta version went live in September, nearly 50 companies across four continents have been using the online products.

“TreasuryXpress is a pioneer in the Treasury Management Software market in that we are bringing the same frictionless user experience that treasurers experience in their consumer purchases,” says Anis Rahal, CEO and Founder of TreasuryXpress. “Treasurers can no longer justify extraordinarily expensive implementation costs and high subscription fees. Business technology has become affordable and accessible for every other business department, why not treasury? We have now accomplished this for treasurers with the full release of our online TreasuryXpress Store.”

Based on client feedback and usage data, the production version of the store continues to enhance the frictionless experience for users. Clients subscribing to products from the TreasuryXpress Store benefit from a simplified UX and can create one single log-on for all products found in the store. Beginning with the store’s inaugural product, Forecast+™, clients can control their own implementation through a simple self-service wizard within minutes. Upon set-up, access to the product is on-demand via the web. All products in the store may be used as a standalone tool or easily integrated with existing systems such as TMS’ and ERPs through TreasuryXpress’ on-demand web services.

All TreasuryXpress products are built in the cloud to agilely and securely deliver on the firm’s high volume product roadmap. Over the coming weeks, the company plans on releasing additional financial products to the store including a payment validator API which will be utilized by both corporate treasury clients as well as third party solutions such as ERP and TMS systems.

“As a former treasurer, my founding vision for TreasuryXpress was to make things easier for the treasurer and give them back time in their day,” continues Rahal. “With the TreasuryXpress Store, we are unbundling the traditional TMS to helping treasurers economize their time and resources, putting them back in control through access to technology and tools that are designed specifically for their needs.”

Click here to register for free access to the TreasuryXpress Store.

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