“We Love Treasury 2” – Martin Bellin publishes treasury anthology and video series


Corporate treasury is a multi-faceted discipline that covers anything from liquidity management to intercompany reconciliation, global multi-currency risk management or the optimization of corporate funding. To capture this diversity, Martin Bellin has published “We Love Treasury 2,” the second volume of an anthology featuring client stories and expert articles about treasury.

The first volume of “We Love Treasury” was published in 2011, showcasing outstanding treasury solutions implemented by BELLIN clients. In the meantime, BELLIN’s client portfolio has grown significantly, and so has the importance of treasury. Treasurers have gained clout within their organizations and have been thrust to the forefront of corporate finance, carrying enormous responsibility. “We Love Treasury 2” highlights and recognizes treasurers’ skills and potential and emphasizes best practices as food for thought for other companies aiming for a modern and accomplished treasury.

Martin Bellin explains the concept behind his project, to which he and his communications team dedicated an entire year: “I’ve been active in corporate treasury for over 20 years and I’m fascinated time and again by how differently companies implement this discipline. While the labels might be the same – cash management, risk management, payments etc. – each company has their own setup and workflows, their unique treasury profile. The one thing everyone involved in treasury has in common is this, ‘We Love Treasury!’”

Accompanied by his camera operator and his online TV producer, Martin Bellin toured Europe to visit various businesses – from a family-owned and operated company deeply rooted in their region, to the globally active asset manager in London or the hip start-up company in Berlin. The interviews with CFOs and treasurers were filmed and turned into video stories capturing the fascination of treasury. Both book and videos are the result of hundreds of hours of travel, interviews, filming, editing, writing, design and proofreading!

“We Love Treasury 2” is available on Amazon in English (ISBN 978-3-00-055510-7) and German (ISBN 978-3-00-055509-1) or directly from BELLIN. You can find a playlist of the videos on YouTube at blln.to/wlt2videos.

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