Published  33:16

How to Benefit from APIs and Instant Data on Demand

Having real-time access to information on global cash positions is essential for every strategic treasurer. 

Thanks to open banking and the rise of open APIs, the dream of real-time treasury is now becoming a reality. In this podcast an expert corporate panel, including Daniel Gramunt (Nokia), Rita Jardan (Freeway Entertainment Group) and Kerstin Montiegel (Deutsche Bank) consider how APIs can be leveraged at speed to create a real-time treasury.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • Daniel Gramunt
    Director Cash Management, Nokia
  • Rita Jardan
    Head of CAM Finance, Freeway Entertainment Group
  • Kerstin Montiegel
    Global Head Client Connectivity / Digital Client Access Channels (Managing Director), Deutsche Bank


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