Published  30:26

HSBC Sibos Spotlight – Exploring the Universe of Digital Assets and HSBC’s Orion

In the second episode in the HSBC Sibos Spotlight series, Eleanor Hill invites John O’Neill and Zhu Kuang Lee (HSBC) to discuss the innovative activity happening around asset tokenisation.

In this candid deep dive, our guests identify the emerging use cases for tokenisation, touch on the future trends that could accelerate the adoption of digital assets, and explore the challenges that HSBC’s Orion platform is addressing for corporate treasurers in a tokenisation context.


  • Eleanor Hill
    Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI)


  • John O'Neill
    Managing Director, Global Head of Digital Assets Strategy, HSBC
  • Zhu Kuang Lee
    Managing Director, Chief Digital Data and Innovation Officer, HSBC


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